OnCourse SOAR — Parent’s Quiz

OnCourse SOAR is a customized program that accelerates a young adult's daunting and exciting transition to grounded, mature adulthood. This Quiz helps you assess the areas of strength and growth for your young adult.

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The SOAR program addresses all of the areas outlined below. Which ones are most applicable for the young adult being considered for SOAR? Check all that apply:
  • An authentic connection to self: "I know and embrace who I am"
  • A sense of vision and direction: "I know where I'm going"
  • Understand and use the full suite of his or her natural and developed talents
  • The job of finding a job
  • Enduring core values; an unwavering inner compass
  • A healthy balance of humility and self-confidence
  • Authentic, loving interactions with other family members
  • Time management
  • Get things done in a timely and cost-conscious manner
  • Address and resolve conflicts quickly and maturely
  • A healthy understanding of and relationship with money
  • Learn from mistakes, failures, or betrayals; cut losses, and move on with determination
  • Take responsibility for his or her actions
  • Set and enforce his or her boundaries
  • Respect the boundaries of others
  • Welcome diverse perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and feedback with open-minded curiosity, and less defensiveness or cynicism
  • Face and navigate life's unfairness, imperfections, and fragility without blaming or complaining
  • Trust his or her intuition
  • Face and navigate fear
  • Connect naturally and easily with others
  • Building and leveraging a network; identifying and cultivating mentors, advisors, and support
  • Have more fun and joy in his or her life.
  • Emotional awareness, openness, vulnerability and accessibility
  • Express love
  • Receive love
  • Understand and interact cleanly with different or difficult personalities
  • What it means to be in a long-standing or marriage relationship
  • Value and maintain physical conditioning and overall health
  • Experience joy and celebrate life in the present moment
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